World Wide Survey of 2019 Hours Flown that Year
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Note : Pilots flying only in 2020. Enter your projected hours for 2020.
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 CountryQtyT.T. YearAdv YearCountryRegionCode
SelectNew Zealand1175175.000000NZ
SelectUnited States162081130.062500US

Survey to learn hour many hours flown by year, starting with 2019, hours.
New pilots project the hours you expect to fly in 2020, instead.
We need real numbers as it does not keep track of your name no one pilots will get credit for any of the hours.

Select your country, from the dropdown list.

Select your category, from the list below.
If you fly more than one category the program will not handle that as the only check of duplicates entries of your computer's IP address.
Select the category that you fly the most and add the time to it.
1) Ultralight
2) Historical Single place
3) Modern Single place
4) Historical Dual Place
5) Modern Dual Place

Select your Use, from the list below.
1) Personal
2) Business
3) CFI

Then Enter your 2019 hours flown.