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PRA Chapter Support Page


Would you like to start a PRA Chapter?

Contact the PRA office for information and get a Chapter Kit! or Phone: (574) 353-7227


Chapter Member Support!

If your chapter signs up a NEW PRA Member let us know and you will get back 50% of the member's dues for the first year!

Also, if your chapter's current PRA Members renew, the chapter gets back 10% of their dues!

Just send us a list each quarter of your new and renewing members and their PRA numbers and we will send you back a check!

Payments are made quarterly, Chapters can not claim a member already claimed by another chapter.

Send list to


Would Your Chapter Like To Do Webinars?

On-Line internet seminars (known as "Webinars") are a popular way to get information to people about safety, building, flying and other topics.

The PRA hosts informative webinars every year and can help your chapter put on it's own webinar(s).

The PRA can help you by lending you equipment (professional microphones with stands, USB headsets, Webcams..), we can also lent you use of our webinar software (note there may be a fee involved depending on the number of attendees expected).

If you would like the PRA can even host your webinar so you don't have to learn anything about the technology, just invite guests and attendees!


Would Your Chapter Like To Sponsor A Fund-Raiser?

Want to raise funds to help out our sport or get needed facilities for your Chapter?

The PRA can help advertise your fund-raiser in Rotorcraft Magazine, E-Alert and other outlets.


Get Your Chapter Newsletter Distributed Across the World!

Several chapters combine newsletters and or use the PRA Chapter Gram distribution to get their newsletters out to many new people and to increase chapter exposure. The monthly Chapter Gram goes to THOUSANDS of people that have registered for the E-Alert system.


Questions? Problems? Want to sign up for one of the programs above? Would you like to meet your PRA Chapter Representative Christine Toevs? Email us:

Need to update your Chapter information on the web page? email:



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