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The PRA. does not become involved, in any way, with transactions between buyers and sellers advertising. Should you be informed that the PRA is involved in a buyer and seller transaction, consider it fraud.
Most major U.S. cities have a Fraud Task Force and it is usually sponsored by the Secret Service. Try to find and make contact with your local Fraud Task Force. They can give you immediate help if you have become involved in a scam.
Please also report scams to The PRA and the National Consumers League’s Fraud Center AND the U.S. government-sponsored Internet Crime Complaint Center AND by forwarding fraudulent emails to the United States Secret Service. Unfortunately, the FBI generally will not take a case if it involves less than $100,000. The U.S. Postal Service has the same threshold. We understand, however, that scams involving avionics under $100K will be investigated by the FBI.

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