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PRA's 'Rotorcraft' eZine for FREE with the $50.00 dues and or PRA's 'Rotorcraft' Magazine now published in 'Powered Sport Flying' Magazine for only $12.00 more that's a $24.95 dollar savings off the cover price of $36.95.  Which pays you back 1/2 the price of your membership dues. If you add up just PRA discounts of 50% off PRA's convention / Fly-in =$17.50, two nights free camping =$44.00 each year plus the magazine that's $86.45 savings. More than the $62.00 dues with 'PSF' magazine subscription included. That is not counting all the other discounts from manufactures of rotorcraft, Instructors, Vendors, Electronics like Glass Panels - EFIS, Parts, Polish etc.


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 Members-Only Rotorcraft 

In 2010 the PRA board, faced with dues revenue that could no longer support a paper magazine, decided to go electronic. The PRA began a 90-day free trial of Rotorcraft E-Zine to all who wanted it, members or not, to build our media reach. The board took a chance on the free distribution idea, and paid membership numbers actually surged about 20 percent.
The original 90 days was extended, first to a year, then indefinitely. But the initial surge passed, and we're now seeing less than a third of the readers of Rotorcraft contributing to support the organization that produces it. The board decided at Mentone to end the free trial. Starting with the September 2012 issue, you'll need your PRA membership to be current in order to access Rotorcraft.
If you currently fly or ever hope to fly gyroplanes or experimental helicopters, it is crucial to support PRA. Among the most important reasons is PRA's increasing profile with the FAA.
We're gaining a larger voice in FAA affairs, and the safe administration of yet another convention did not go unnoticed. Make sure we can be there the next time the FAA overlooks us when proposing new regulations!
If you've let your membership lapse, please renew. If it's simply slipped your mind, or you just never bothered to create a login, make it a point to get current before you miss the September issue of Rotorcraft. (If you've forgotten your PRA membership number, see page 11 of this month's Rotorcraft to learn how to get it e-mailed to you.)

And if you've never been a member of PRA, now is the time!
PRA's administrative costs have been reduced in 2012, but progress on the issues which matter to you will be difficult without more of the sport's participants on board. Will you spend the equivalent of dinner for two once a year to keep the skies open to us?

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