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PRA LODA Support Page


 Are you a Certified Flight Instructor in need of a LODA (Letter Of Deviation Athority)?

 The PRA Can Help.


 Step 1.

 To be registered as a PRA listed CFI PRA must have a valid gyro plane CFI and approved FAA LODA.

 You must be a member of the PRA.

 (That will also get you added to the official list on our web-site and it appears in Rotorcraft.)

 Step 2.

 The aircraft needs to be ready, and have been issued its Airworthiness Certificate and Operating Limitations.

 Step 3.

 Contact the PRA Regulatory Committee by emailing :

 The Regulatory Committee will make sure you have all of the correct paperwork, provide sample templates and assist you in filling it out.

 Step 4.

 Once the application has been filed, the PRA Regulatory Committee will work with the local FSDO who's handling the forms and send a fax or letter with specific instructions on the contacts to pursue through the FAA's own internal communications system. 

 Once the LODA has been approved the PRA can also assist you with locating students, provide online ground school as well as other services.

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