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Purchasing Guidelines: 
Before you purchase a used or new gyroplane or gyroplane kit follow the following steps:
1. Ask these questions of the vendor:
1. how many FLYING gyroplanes/(kits) of this model are there?
2. Can you put me in contact with some of your customers that are currently flying your gyroplane?
3. Can you give me in writing your customer service guidelines and return policy before the sale?
4. How long will you be supporting this model?
2. Ask these questions of other people:
1. Ask your ( or a PRA approved ) CFI if they have any knowledge of this model and company.
2. Ask your ( or a PRA approved ) CFI if they are willing to train you on how to fly this gyroplane.
3. Ask your local PRA Chapter members if they have ever done business with this company or flown their gyroplanes.
3. Do this research:
1. Check Gyro fly-ins ( Mentone, Bensen Days, ROC, ROTR ect ) and see if these machines are being flown and if the manufacturer is being represented there.
2. Check with the BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) to see if any complaints have been lodged against this company.
3. Check public records sites for the county and state where the manufacturer is located for lawsuits and judgments.
 4. Do an internet search on the company name and gyro model as keywords. Read what other owners have said.
Gyro, Helicopter or Fixed wing you should always follow these guidelines before making a purchase!

PRA Manufacturers Directory
Note: 2012-1013 Edition will be release to PRA Members only
MFG Directory Submissions
  This is everyone's favorite issue of Rotorcraft - the Manufacturers' Issue.
The new addition will have features such as videos, links to manufacturers websites, articles and product reviews.
The Full current version of the Rotorcraft Manufacturer Directory includes verified up-to-date information on Helicopter Kits, Gyroplane Kits, S-LSA Gyroplanes (if available), Suppliers of Propellers, Rotorblades, Engines, Redrives, Services, Recommendations/Tips for Purchasing Used Personal Rotorcraft and Flight Training Resources.
To be in this directory, each rotorcraft must have flown successfully and currently be available in kit, plans or S-LSA. This directory leaves out developmental projects or rotorcraft that haven't yet proven themselves.
This directory is based on information supplied by the manufacturers. PRA is not responsible fo the accuracy of this information. Listing here does not constitute an endorsement of any product or service by the Popular Rotorcraft Association.
PRA isn't in the business of certifying which machines are safe and which are the best values for the money, Nobody, not even the FAA, can do that with amateur-built aircraft. These are considered to be experimental aircraft or recreational vehicles and you as the pilot/mechanic are responsible for your own safety.
Manufacturer Directory
Note: 2012-2013 Manufacturer Directory Is Currently Being Compiled
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 Manufacturers: CLICK HERE to send us updated information on your product(s) for the 2012-2013 Edition.
Off-Site Plans

 Important: Update to the Rotax 912/914 Service manuals:
Click --> HERE <-- to download New Rotax 912 family Manual.
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