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NOTE: If you are looking for back issues and technical articles from Rotorcraft and Popular Rotorcraft Flying or other non public domain PRA Documents you will not find them here. You will need to sign in to this web site as a current PRA member and access the Members Only section.

Disclaimer: All documents shared here or links to documents are assumed to be in the public domain. Use of these documents are the responsiblity of the reader not the PRA and are provided for entertainment purposes only. If you find a document here is not public domain please contact the web administrator.

Submissions: If you would like to submit a public domain document to be shared here please email the document (if under 20 meg) to . If over 20 meg in size please email a link or make arrangements with the web admin (same email address).


Currently the PRA web server provides only a simple directly listing of the archives. We hope to have resources in the future to provide a SharePoint interface which will allow a GUI, menus, search, previews and other features. Please be sure to Join/Renew your membership so that the PRA can continue to grown and maintain these services to both members and the public. Thank you.

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Click HERE to enter the MEMBERS ONLY page for archives of Rotorcraft, Popular Rotorcraft Flying and other NON-Public Domain Information.

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