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Model Gyroplanes 
Although the PRA is primarily made up of fans, builders and pilots of "full scale" rotorcraft the PRA would like to encourage the participation of scale modelers in PRA events, programs and this web site.
 If you have some content or information on scale rotorcraft models you would like to share or if you would like to participate in a PRA event please email
Non-Flying Scale Models
A number of companies sell wood Desk Model gyroplanes. Here are a few examples:
These models typically range in price from $150-$250.
Gyro Kites
Gyro Kites are kites that use an autorotating blade to stay in the air.
Gyro Kites are fun as well as instructional. Typically they require more wind then paper kites do to stay aloft but than they are much cooler then paper kites.
Gyrokites can be found on eBay and (click on photo for link)
Delta Copter Kite, make by Go Fly A Kite, inc.
R/C Gyroplanes / Autogyros
Radio Controlled (R/C) gyroplanes are a growing hobby and offer one of the most unique experiences in R/C hobbies.
Some aspects of full-scale gyroplanes seem to transfer to scale well while others do not. For instance modelers report that that some rotorheads designs do not work well in scale and are virtually uncontrollable.
Gyropilots looking for an introductory level R/C gyro that is forgiving yet aerobatic and can be flown indoors may want to consider the "Twirl" gyroplane from

R/C Gyro Forums:

R/C Gyro Suppliers and Manufacturers
Autogyro Company of Arizona

Videos / Media
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