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Here are the documents you need to start a Chapter


  1. Guidance
  2. Chapter Member List
  3. Example of Chapter By-laws to copy or chage as you wish
  4. Chapter Responsibilities to the PRA


  1. Contact the PRA Chapter Coordinator Christine Toevs and have a discussion.
  2. Write the Chapter By-laws
  3. It requires a minimum of 3 currently active dues paid PRA members
  4. Hold first meeting and elect Officers. The Officers must be current PRA Members
  5. Submit the by-Laws for review by Chapter Coordinator and approval by PRA Board Members.
  6. If approved, the President will endorse a Charter and return it to you.

Instructions to download documents:

  1. Click on each one to download to your computer.
  2. Then Save it on your computer to a file you will remember for your new chapter
  3. Then open the new saved file using Adobie PDF and fill in the form on your computer.
  4. Then click save and save the filled in version to your computer.
  5. Then send the documents to .org as attachments
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