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Books - Gyroplanes


There are lots of great books on homebuilt rotorcraft, but you won't find them in your local bookstore. Here are some of the best ones we've found, along with complete ordering information.
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Back in Print! - A Dream of Flight - By Dr Igor Bensen

Written by Igor Bensen, this is his own story of his famous Gyrocopter. Bensen describes his difficult and sometimes dangerous efforts to develop this new type of rotorcraft. Contains many vintage photographs from the Bensen archives, including two-seat, multi-engine, amphibious and other experimental models. Covers Bensen?s first crash, his near misses during air shows and his world record flights. Includes a fascinating biography of Igor Bensen by Paul Bergen Abbott based on a personal interview of Bensen.

168 pages, many photographs.
Price: $24.95 plus $3.00 per order shipping and handling ($8.00 shipping outside USA).

The Gyroplane Flight Manual - by Paul Bergen Abbott

For gyrocopters and sport gyroplanes . This is the most widely-read book in the world on light gyroplanes and gyrocopters. It tells what gyros are like, how they fly, how to learn to fly one. Describes the flight characteristics, discusses frankly the risks and safety of these aircraft. It's interesting, easy reading for both the beginner and the veteran gyroplane pilot.

Over 100 pages, many photos.
Price: $24.95 plus $3.00 per order shipping and handling ($8.00 shipping outside USA).



Understanding the Gyroplane - by Paul Bergen Abbott

Technical information for the non-technically minded person who's interested in gyrocopters and sport gyroplanes. The book explains how the gyr ne works, why the rotor blades spin in autorotation, what makes the craft stable. Includes a capsule history of the gyroplane from its invention as a stall-proof aircraft to the more recent developments of the gyrocopter and other sport rotorcraft. Explains the problem of PIO (pilot induced oscillation or "porpoising") and another nasty problem of gyroplanes, the buntover. Covers rotor blade tracking and other technical subjects in words that anyone can easily understand.

120 pages. Many photos and illustrations.
Price: $24.95 plus $3.00 per order shipping and handling ($8.00 shipping outside USA).


How to License a Homebuilt Aircraft - Paul Bergen Abbot

This popular book now contains a "Quick Start" section that shows 11 steps to a quick and easy inspection and licensing. It tells, in simple language, how to license a rotorcraft (or any other type of aircraft) and a pilot with the FAA. It contains completed samples of all the necessary forms. This book makes the task easy, and simplifies difficult FAA regulations. It also tells how to buy and sell an aircraft, and compares flying as an ultralight with licensed aircraft. A must-read for every aircraft builder.





From Autogiro to Gyroplane - by Bruce H. Charnov

Here's a new book on gyros covering all 80 years since the first autogyro flew in 1923. Includes the latest report on gyroplane development. Tells what killed the early autogyros, how the modern gyroplane survived. Features great detail, covering every person, every aircraft, every event of importance to the autogyro and gyroplane. Hardback. More than 330 pages, rare photographs.

Price: $49.95 To Order: If not available at your local bookstore, order through or (Barnes & Noble).


Flying the Gyroplane - by Martin Hollmann

History and secrets of flying the gyroplane. Discusses "porpoising" and "negative G." History of rotorcraft, including Juan de la Cierva, Focke, the Rotachute, Bensen and finally the two-place Sportster and ultralight Bumble Bee designed and built by the author. The Sportster was one of the first practical two-place homebuilt enclosed gyros and one of the first used as a two-place trainer for new pilots. The B mble Bee was the first autogyro to meet the ultralight regulations, in 1984.

110 pages, 45 illustrations.
Price: $39.00 plus $6.00 for shipping; add 4% for VISA/MasterCard orders; $8.00 for airmail outside USA.
To Order: Order from Aircraft Designs, Inc., 5 Harris Court Building S, Monterey, CA 93940. Phone (408) 649-6212, Fax (408) 649-5738.


Modern Gyroplane Design, 2nd Edition - by Martin Hollma

Gyroplane design and performance calculations. Configuration design and structural analysis of metal and composite blades in flight. Listing for many computer programs for determining gyro performance, rotor blade deflection and bending moments and jump takeoff are included. These programs are written in BASIC for the IBM PC or Macintosh. Tells how to design for jump takeoff.

120 pages and 50 illustrations.
Price: $52.00 plus $6.00 for shipping; add 4% for VISA/MasterCard orders; $8.00 for airmail outside USA.
Software program disks for Modern Gyroplane Design BASIC programs listed in the book for the IBM PC or Macintosh (Specify which computer when ordering). Disks are $120.00.
Publisher: Aircraft Designs, Inc., 5 Harris Court Building S, Monterey, CA 93940. Phone (408) 649-6212, Fax (408) 649-5738.


Gyroplane Flying For Beginners - by Patrick Howell, CFI

Highly recommended by Don Farrington and Wing Commander Ken Wallis. The only comprehensive guide for novice gyroplane pilots.

Preliminaries to gaining a license Personal health and fitness. How a gyroplane works. Gyroplane controls and instruments. Clothing and personal equipment. General safety precautions. Runways and traffic patterns. Right of way .Radio and air traffic control signals. Preflight preparations and inspections. Start,taxi and shutdown. Takeoffs: climbs, straight and level flight and descents. Turns, including steep turns. Final approach,landings and go-arounds. Slow flight and other unusual flight conditions. Ground reference maneuvers . Going solo. Altimetry and weather limitations. Cross country flying. Night flying. Emergencies. The checkride. Your own machine. Future gyroplane design. Federal Aviation Regulations. Study material, glossary, gyroplane performance notes.

To read the foreword and see some illustrations, click here.
145 pages, including a wealth of illustrations, on CD (Windows 98).
Price: $19.95 includes US postage.
To Order: Please airmail cash or personal check (sorry, no credit cards) to Patrick Howell at 6 Millers Bank, Broom, Alcester, Warwickshire B50 4HZ, United Kingdom -delivery by return airmail. E-mail , Phone/fax 01144 1789 773801. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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