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Gyro Pull Tests
Gyro owners frequently tie their machines to scales to determine the power output of the engine/prop combination. Here are some results of those pull tests.

Gyro Pull Testing

The amount of thrust that a engine/prop combination provides on any given gyro is a topic of intense interest within the gyro community. To resolve these questions, a simple if relatively unscientific solution has been found.

Gyros are attached to a commercial type scale that gauges the amount of pull in pounds. The pilot straps in, fires up and applies full power to the gyro and the scale is read. Here are some of the recent pull tests from Bensen Days 2005. More test results will be given when available.

Bensen Days 2005 Results

Dominator / Rotax 582

Owner: Scott Lewis
Engine: Rotax 582 65 HP
Pull: 340 lbs

RAF-2000 / Subaru EJ-22

Owner: Rudy Graffeo
Engine: Subaru EJ-22
Prop: 68" 3-bladed warp with 13 degrees pitch
RPM: 5260
Pull: 490 lbs
(the pull-meister at Bensen Days 2005)

Butterfly / Rotax 582

Owner: Chris Wilson
Engine: Rotax 582
Pull: 320 lbs

Gyrobee / Rotax 447

Owner: Rick Martin
Engine: Rotax 447
Prop: 3-bladed IVO
RPM: 6250
Pull: 260

Dominator / HKS-700E

Owner: Carl Schnieder
Engine: HKS-700E 60 HP
Pull: 275 lbs

Dominator / Rotax 582

Owner: Ron Awad
Engine: Rotax 582 65 HP C-box 2.62-1 reduction
Prop: 60" 3-blade warp
RPM: 6430
Pull: 350 lbs

Bensen B8MG / McCullough 90 HP

Owner: Mike Gaspard
Engine: McCullough 90 hp w/ Holley 1940 carb and A.R.D. CDI conversion
Prop: 52" diameter x 26" pitch Tennessee Prop.
RPM: 3250
Pull: 300 lbs
Max RPM level flight - 3600 RPM. Empty weight 302 lbs.

More results to follow.
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