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Thread: How to log into the forum

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    How to log into the forum

    Good morning PRA brothers and sisters

    For PRA MEMBERS ONLY here is how to log into the forum:

    1) Log into site as a member. (Do not log into the Forum)
    Username: PRA account # E.G.: ' 78241'
    Password: ******* (The password you setup)
    If you do not remember your password then ask for it to be reset by emailing

    After you log-in it will direct you to the MEMBERS ONLY PAGE.

    2) Click the GREEN BUTTON at the top of this page and it will now always automatically log you in the forum. (Your done)

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________________________________
    FOR NON-PRA MEMBERS ONLY the following:

    Our PASSION is flying and building these most amassing aircraft I've ever flown. Get a ride and you will discover one of the best kept secrets of transportation sure; but more like the pure joy of experiencing life as only a bird species has known to exist for millions of years.

    PRA's purpose for over 50 years is providing a fact base source of information to the general public by reaching out and providing common tools we all need and then creating groups of friends in local areas as PRA Chapters, with PRA support; providing hands-on instruction and learning while having a party.

    Our members owed new MODERN PRA is just doing this in a virtual way.

    We invite you as NON-PRA members to learn here too as guests in our classrooms.
    However, we are more of a private school where we share what we know for FREE as that is one of PRA's main mission to the general public.

    There are many forums where anyone can be an EXPERT and I use all of them for there purpose and understand I have to know who is providing the advice by reading it for a few years to know who is who in the ZOO!

    Non-PRA members instructions:

    1) Click the Forum Menu or TAB This will direct you to the Forum Portal Page.
    2) Click The BLUE button for Non-PRA members and you're in!!!

    One last note and EVERYONE IS ALWAYS INVITED TO ANY OF PRA's CHAPTERS and all Fly-in's.

    Personally I'm here, at Chapters, and all the fly-in's for the PARTY and FRIENDSHIPS with the most amazing MAGNIFICENT MEN and WOMEN and their FLYING MACHINES!

    Be the BIRD! Don't live in the belly of the bird or for goodness sake on the GROUND?
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