The New MODERN PRA has changed and here is just a taste with so many more chapter and members benefits coming soon.

1) New PRA Member Benefits; We NOW PAY YOU to join us Click here learn how.

2) PRA Group Insurance Offer; please ACT NOW! PRA has set it up... now it is up to YOU!

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3) 2015 Convention on it way to be one of the largest attended EVER!!

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4) Manufactures, Dealers, Vendors, and Suppliers meet PRA member’s needs!

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5) Chapter's Man your MARKETING Announcement & Questions Forums you are the only ones who can answer questions about joining your chapter!
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6) Chapters brothers and sister; PRA will market with batch emailing for you!

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7) PRA Chapter’s we invite you to write a Blog on our forum and describe your chapter.

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8) Chapter's Private Virtual Office & Meeting place with voting polls.

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Welcome to the NEW MODERN PRA!