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Why sign up?
PRA needs to substantiate now many would buy insurance from the companies offering.

*Note: Scrool down for full details to lean more.

*The more you get to sign up the cheaper it is for our comunity! Spread the word everywhere, volunteers can make a differnce.

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Sounds too good to be true?
How can PRA's Co-Insurance reduce the cost to 1/3 of any quote?
By reducing the risk to our underwriter by one million dollars a year.
Proving checkout rides reducing risk to members to join our group!

1) Consider. 1,000 pilots paying $1,000 = one Million dollars!
Held in trust in PRA savings account to be used as a deductible paying member directly for claims.
2) We REDUCE our underwriter's exposure limiting their RISK to total claims over one million dollars a year. With our safety program that should be zero cost to them.
  • Example: Ten members would have to total $100K gyros in the one year before they paid anything.
3) To limit the risk to the underwriter & members all pilots require checkout rides. If two-place owner a checkout in category and type.
4) The low claim years your COST will go DOWN EVEN MORE! Why? It's a group savings account. Only the money spent each year has to be paid back.
  • Example: Assume member's claims were $225K paid to them this year for accidents. Instead of a $1,000 this year. It only cost members $225 to fill the savings account back up.
  • Members just joining will have to pay $1,000 the first year the same as you. They save in the following years the same as all members.
  • PRA is a charity with mostly volunteer labor. However, there will be administrative costs to pay expenses. We suspect the most costly, traveling to inspect accidents on some claims.
5) To assure the other members that their saving is not at risk.
  • All members are required to be checked out by PRA CFI's on all emergency & landing procedures until automatic. PRA is about safety. This is killing two birds with one stone.
  • There will be a higher cost for safety checkout rides and if needed more training. But we will make it an adventure not a test, only more flying fun with a friend.
*Must be a PRA member to join the group. However, anyone may ask for a quote and membership before becoming a PRA member.